The Best Sports Handicappers on Twitter 2023

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The Best Sports Handicappers on Twitter 2023

The professional sports handicapping industry has evolved over the years. In the early days, bettors would find ads in newspapers and magazines, providing a 1-800 number to call for free picks. Self-proclaimed experts and “Champion Handicappers” would make outrageous claims about their past success, and there would be no real way to verify the validity of those claims, unlike the documented handicappers on our leaderboards.

Stu Feiner was a notorious player in the handicapping industry in the pre-Internet era. He was featured in a Sports Illustrated article in 1991 titled: “1-900 Ripoffs“. He agreed to allow SI to document his NFL picks for four weeks, but after going just 19-32 for a win rate of just 37 percent, SI exposed him for falsifying his records.

The Internet changed everything, forcing the industry to become far more transparent. While there are still a few cowboys selling snake oil like it’s 1989, the majority of today’s handicappers have built their reputation on their documented accomplishments, which are published for everyone to see. That’s certainly the case with every single handicapper you will find here at Capper Reviews, where we have consistent winners like Kyle Hunter who has a decade of winning behind him.

That being said, we now live in an era where many of the things we used to pay for are now available for free. Things like music, movies, books, recipes and so much more are all available for free online. Some people have decided to turn to Twitter for free sports tips, picks, and advice. There is somewhat of a cottage industry of sports handicappers promoting themselves on Twitter and “The Gram”.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, so it’s not really fair to compare these guys to the established professionals who appear on radio, and TV, and on several popular websites. The chances are that you will get what you pay for, so before we introduce you to the free handicappers on Twitter, let us point you towards the top 5 professional handicappers from Capper Reviews to follow on Twitter. Their free picks are always published here on our site, but you might want to follow their Twitter accounts for additional free information and promotions.

Top 5 Pro Cappers to Follow on Twitter

Joseph Damico – He is affectionately known as “The Host of Last Vegas.” D’Amico is featured regularly as an analyst and handicapper in several publications such as the Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Sun, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and the Bloomberg News Report. Joe is very active on Twitter where you can find his video free picks and much more. Follow @JoeDamicoWins on Twitter.

John Ryan – John’s success begins with the philosophy that goals are based and measured in the longer term, and that over time consistency is what promotes success. Johns’s background in investment banking on Wall Street translates into a technical approach to handicapping, using contrarian models weighted to the betting consensus and team trends. Follow JohnRyanSports1 on Twitter where he posts plenty of video content.

Jesse Schule – He’s no soothsayer and he doesn’t have a crystal ball, but Jesse Schule can indeed predict the future. As a professional handicapper, it’s actually part of his job description. Perhaps best known for his NBA records, especially correctly predicting the NBA Finals winner and Finals MVP in four of the last six seasons. Follow @JesseSchule on Twitter for video free picks and banter with the Iceman.

Mike Lundin Mike Lundin is having a helluva year with his MLB picks in 2022. Hardly a surprise, as it was with his baseball picks he first made a name for himself when he burst onto the handicapping scene back in 2014. Make sure to follow @MikeLundinBet for free picks, leans and more free handicapping content.

Kyle Hunter – Kyle was named by Capperreviews as “Handicapper of the Decade” in 2020. While others might talk a big game, Kyle Hunter walks the walk. He puts in the work and delivers with incredible consistency. Kyle Hunter has beaten the odds for an entire decade. During that time he has placed wagers on over 13,000 games, finishing #1 or #2 in the World with individual sports 13 times in the last 10 years. Follow KyleHunterPicks where he recaps his card daily and posts free content for his followers.

Top 5 “Free” Twitter Handicappers

Best Free Sports Betting Content on Twitter: TheSharpPlays
We see here a more professional approach, without all the big talk and over-the-top boasting. You will find “Sharp Action” and “Public Action” reports daily, which is useful if that is something you like to take into account before locking in your bet. You won’t just find free picks, but also other free content and education that will help you learn to handicap games like a pro.

Best Free Pick Capper on Twitter: Dead President Picks
They provide a lot of free picks, regularly five or more per day, but you might be asked to help them out with likes/retweets. Dead President Picks have a special niche with their Asian Basketball (mostly South Korea and China) “Lunch Money” plays which go overnight for US bettors. Those betting tips are very popular with his “night owl” crowd as he calls them, or degenerate gamblers/chasers as most would call them.

Best Free Soccer Capper on Twitter: SharpMinds247
Soccer is a sport that not all of us are comfortable handicapping ourselves, so often we might seek some outside help. This handicapper stands out when it comes to soccer, and all the picks are free. You are encouraged to tip if things go well, which seems fair enough. The daily recaps are a solid resource.

Most Selective Capper on Twitter: George Kent (aka BambinoBets)
George Kent, or Bambino Bets as he might be better known as is an extremely selective handicapper, with less than 300 picks posted since he joined Twitter back in April 2019. If you want picks every day you will be disappointed, but the selective approach speaks for itself and this is certainly a handicapper worth having notifications on for. Is George Kent dead? The Bambino Bets stopped posting picks during the summer of 2020 and there were rumors that he passed away from Covid-19 floating around. His absence was most likely was just a result of the hiatus of all American sports, and he’s been back posting. George Kent lives!

Best Fade on Twitter: LasVegasFreeze
This handle is considered a joke by almost everyone, even on #GamblingTwitter. Judging by the replies on his posts, most of his followers appear to be fading him, but what the hell. If there is a market for this, who are we to judge?

DISCLAIMER: Almost all handicappers on Twitter will claim to be winning, but will offer no proof of long-term success or records. If you follow them for a while and things don’t go well, they will almost certainly block you if you make any negative comments. For that reason, we have to give them low marks for transparency, and we would advise being very cautious about sending anyone on Twitter money for picks.

Instead of navigating through the jungle of undocumented sports handicappers on Twitter, why not make the smart move and follow the top cappers from our leaderboards.

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8 comments on The Best Sports Handicappers on Twitter 2023


The Jewish Sharp is a scam. They publize their winner but dont ntell you that they went 1-3 that day. In baseball they lay big prices taking runs so you have to win 2 out of 3 to beak even. But they publize that on ewin with A BOOM on their website.


Thanks just looking for reputable cappers

Carlos G.

Same experience as someone else who commented. The Jewish Sharp showed spreadsheets of 27-6, 25-3, 24-6 etc which to me was very appealing but little did I know it was all just a scam. They don’t honor their 30 day guarantee if you take a promotional price also so be careful with that cus they won’t tell you about it either. Not to mention just horrible picks. Stay away at all costs.

John Knuteson

The Jewish Sharp shared screenshots of tickets for picks that he didn’t release. After sharing “spreadsheets of 26-5, 25-6, etc, he has gone 27-30 since I signed up. A lot of excuses and “bad luck” for a system that they “revamped” after I signed up. Do not waste your money


the Jsharp is scam or not? how long you use it. thank you

Billy Eager

WTF Bruce Bailey… BrowningBets is another complete scam just like Vegas Dave and Steve Stevens.

Bruce Bailey

You ever hear about Browning Bets on Instagram? That dude is the best I have ever seen, and it appears he’s 100 % legit.

Steve Powell

You are missing the best sports capper out there. consistently winning !!!!

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