Who’s The Best Sports Handicapper in America Over The Last Decade? – Meet Kyle Hunter


If you had to guess who the top handicapper of the decade would be, Kyle Hunter isn’t likely the first name that comes to mind. Kyle has a modest following on Twitter (roughly 7000 followers), and just over 500 followers on Facebook.

The soft-spoken and mild-mannered Hunter doesn’t fit the mold of your typical fast-talking, obnoxious touts that sell their wares on Twitter and “The Gram”.

While others might talk a big game, Kyle Hunter walks the walk. He puts in the work and delivers with incredible consistency and has excellent handicapper review ratings from our clients here at Capper Reviews.

In an era where half the so-called professional handicappers can’t even be bothered to provide a written analysis to justify their picks, Kyle provides a detailed breakdown of each and every game that he bets. He does the research, and the results speak for themselves.

A Decade Of Winning

As many of you may well know, it’s extremely difficult to beat the bookmakers. There are only a handful of people who come out on top after a season, and even fewer over a calendar year.

We’ve checked our records going all the way back to January of 2010, and Kyle Hunter has beaten the odds for an entire decade. During that time he has placed wagers on over 13,000 games, finishing #1 or #2 in the World with individual sports 13 times in the last 10 years.

Despite his success, he quietly goes about his business and leaves the bragging to the likes of Stu Feiner and Vegas Dave. Well if Kyle doesn’t want to brag, let us do it for him. He is without question, the World’s Best Handicapper of the last decade. He owns the best record, he’s earned the most money, and he’s by far the most consistent.

If you want the hottest guy on the planet for the short term, feel free to check out our leaderboards. If you want a proven winner long term, we strongly recommend you take a look at Kyle Hunter.

Kyle Hunter's Picks & Subscriptions

Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter

2-0 day on Saturday! MLB Sunday BEST Bet is ready to go. 53-27 college football season last year.

Short-Term Subscription Options

One Day All Access Package

Access to all of Kyle's picks for one day. Get all the picks from every sport in one package!

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Long-Term Subscription Options

Monthly All Access Picks Package
A whole month of winners from top games to games you didn't even know were going on.
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3 Month All Access Pass
A solid three months of winning picks from Kyle Hunter. Guaranteed to turn a profit or the next three months is free.
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6 Months All Access Package

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WNBA Season Pass
WNBA Season Pass
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Kyle Hunter MLB Season Pass *Up 107 Units!

Up 107 units in MLB (1 unit per play) since 2010. I've finished either first or second in MLB profits earned for the season three different seasons! Join in for a season of winners on the bases!

Kyle Hunter MLB Season Pass *Up 107 Units!
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Kyle Hunter has been publicly releasing his plays for more than a decade now. In Kyle's first full year as a handicapper he burst onto the scene by finishing the year as the world’s #1 Ranked Overall Handicapper in units gained. $1,000 bettors profited more than $93,000 from Kyle’s plays that year alone.

Kyle has put together multiple #1 Ranked finishes in college basketball. He also finished at the top of the leaderboards in MLB. Kyle has multiple top five finishes in college football and the NFL as well. 

A degree in finance with a focus in statistics helps Kyle parse through data and find the stats and trends that matter when it comes to sports betting. 

Totals are Kyle's specialty, so look for a lot of winning totals picks from NBA, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and the NFL.

Kyle always releases plays as early as possible so clients can really benefit from buying a long-term subscription and getting his plays right away.

Kyle lets his records speak for themselves and you’ll always get nothing but the truth as far as his record (whether it is good or bad). 

Kyle firmly believes that clients should consider sports betting an investment rather than a gamble.

Overall, Kyle's $1,000 clients are up $192,000 since 2010 (through June 2020). Join in with one of the world’s top handicappers!

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