The Best College Football Handicappers in the World

Sportsbooks in Nevada are estimated to bring in an annual profit of greater than $230 million. Most of that money is generated from wagering on professional and college football. Unlike the NFL, it takes a more savvy bettor to navigate the ever changing landscape of college football.

There are 130 Division I FBS schools, and every year new recruits come in and replace those who have moved on to the NFL, or have played out their eligibility. Keeping track of all the players as well as coaches is a full time job, and this can prove to be a daunting task for many amateur bettors.

Here at Capper Reviews we have a star studded roster that features some of the Best College Football Handicappers in the World. Our experts often prefer the college game to the NFL, because more teams and more games can lead to more opportunities to find soft lines.

Our All Time Top 5 Money Earners with College Football

Top College Football Handicappers in 2021

Things can change from year to year, and sometimes new faces rise to the top. More often than not though, we see familiar faces emerge as the season progresses. Have a look at our top money earners with NCAAF in 2021:

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Kyle Hunter$2,329+50.9%78.6%33-9-10964.74
2Ricky Tran$1,367+35.1%75.0%24-8-12228.25
3Larry Ness$770+12.7%59.3%32-22-1114.85
4John Ryan$755+30.7%68.2%15-7-10712.46
5Stephen Nover$578+10.4%58.0%29-21-1112.94
6Matt Fargo$502+16.0%60.7%17-11-1084.40
7Ray Monohan$494+8.3%56.6%30-23-1101.91
8Sean Murphy$460+7.4%56.4%31-24-1111.57
9Jack Jones$421+5.9%55.4%36-29-1091.37
10Joseph D'Amico$252+7.2%56.2%18-14-1100.97
11John Martin$128+1.3%52.9%45-40-1090.11
12Rocky Atkinson$25+1.5%53.3%8-7-1100.03

College Football Hot Streaks

Betting on sports can be a tricky business, and handicappers often experience hot and cold streaks throughout the season. Sometimes it can pay to ride the hot hand, following an expert who is on a good run. Here are our hottest handicappers with the NCAAF over the last seven, 30 and 60 days:

Jack Jones$600+69.4%87.5%7-1
Art Aronson$478+46.5%77.8%7-2
John Martin$475+33.5%69.2%9-4
Big Al McMordie$273+22.8%63.6%7-4
Chip Chirimbes$256+21.0%63.6%7-4
Kyle Hunter$194+44.3%75.0%3-1
Doc's Sports$180+27.8%66.7%4-2
Dave Price$173+19.8%62.5%5-3
Rocky Atkinson$100+93.5%100.0%1-0
Joseph D'Amico$81+14.9%60.0%3-2
John Martin$728+14.8%60.0%27-18
Kyle Hunter$649+28.4%66.7%14-7
Ricky Tran$572+29.5%70.6%12-5
Ray Monohan$501+15.6%60.7%17-11
Stephen Nover$483+16.6%61.5%16-10
Art Aronson$466+13.4%60.0%18-12
John Ryan$355+17.5%61.1%11-7
Matt Fargo$322+14.7%60.0%12-8
Joseph D'Amico$295+12.2%59.1%13-9
Jack Jones$243+6.2%55.6%20-16
Kyle Hunter$2,329+50.9%78.6%33-9
Ricky Tran$1,367+35.1%75.0%24-8
Larry Ness$770+12.7%59.3%32-22
John Ryan$755+30.7%68.2%15-7
Stephen Nover$578+10.4%58.0%29-21
Matt Fargo$502+16.0%60.7%17-11
Ray Monohan$494+8.3%56.6%30-23
Sean Murphy$460+7.4%56.4%31-24
Jack Jones$421+5.9%55.4%36-29
Joseph D'Amico$252+7.2%56.2%18-14

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