Professional Handicapper Wins Big With NBA Finals 2019

8 months ago |  Service Plays Reviews

Jesse Schule told his clients before the series started, that he thought there was a good chance the series would be over in 4-5 games, and that presented excellent value. Jesse made three prop bets prior to Game 1 of the 2019 Finals ...


Professional Handicapper Steve Stevens Paying MLB Umpires To Fix Games?

11 months ago |  Featured, Service Plays Reviews

This isn't the first time a tout has made public claims of fixing MLB games. In 2012 one of Steve Stevens' associates (Kris Barr) claimed to be "best friends" with Pirates pitcher Jeff Locke.


Jesse "The Iceman" Schule - The World's Best College Football Handicapper Since 2013

1 year ago |  Featured, NCAAF

We could make a case for a number of handicappers on our site, but the numbers say that Jesse Schule is your best bet with NCAAF for the upcoming season.


Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach - The World's Best NFL Handicapper Since 2012

1 year ago |  Featured, NFL

Here at Capperreviews we are only interested in the cold hard facts. We have taken a look at the numbers, and the one name that keeps jumping off the page is Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach.


Duke seeks revenge against ACC rival Miami Friday September 29, 2017

2 years ago |  NCAAF

On the ensuing kickoff, the Hurricanes scored a 91 yard return for a controversial game winning score. The problem was that several fouls should have negated the TD, and replay showed the ball carrier to be down by contact well before the endzone.




IFBC Sparks Age Old Debate: Man vs Machine

2 years ago |  Capper Reviews Report, Featured

IFBC Age Old Debate: Man vs Machine - Computer programs that beat the odds, are right up there with unicorns or hookers with a heart of gold


Clay Travis Crowns Himself "King" of College Football Handicapping

2 years ago |  Featured, NCAAF, Service Plays Reviews

Clay isn't a professional handicapper, but he does talk a lot about sports betting on his show. He has a business relationship with Oddsshark, and he appears to be setting himself up to be a player in the handicapping industry. 


Deadspin Faces Lawsuit Over Hit Piece on Handicapping Industry

3 years ago |  Capper Reviews Report, Service Plays Reviews

Deadspin Faces Lawsuit Over Hit Piece on Handicapping Industry - R.J. Bell has retained the same lawyer who represented the Hulkster

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