The Best College Basketball Handicappers in the World

Most amateur sports bettors are in their comfort zone placing wagers on pro sports, but tackling college basketball is another story altogether. With 351 Division 1 schools that bring in new recruits every year, there’s a hell of a lot to keep track of. This is one reason why people seek the help of a professional handicapper. Here at Capper Reviews, we have a roster full of not only the best college basketball handicappers in the world but also the most reputable.

We aren’t interested in touts who are coming off one big win or have strung together a few good weeks. We only promote the top experts who have established a long history of consistently delivering profits. Our world-class handicappers prefer the college game to the NBA, telling us that more teams and more games usually translate into maximum profits. What separates your average fan from the best handicappers in the business? It’s an extensive knowledge of the teams and players outside the Top 25.

If you want to be one of the sharpest college basketball experts in America, you need to familiarize yourself with all 351 teams and the majority of the starters on those teams. We have top-ranked handicappers offering picks on games from the ASUN, BIG SKY, BIG SOUTH, CAA, etc.

Our All Time Top 5 Money Earners with NCAAB

Top College Basketball Handicappers 2022

These are the top ranked expert handicappers in the world for the current season in college basketball. They are ranked not only according to wins and losses but also by total profit (in units) as well as ROI. If you can find a handicapper who ranks among the world's best for the current season as well as in previous seasons, that should be a good indication that he's indeed one of the most consistent winners with college basketball.

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Big Al McMordie$2,853+5.1%55.0%274-224-1106.98
2Kyle Hunter$2,076+7.0%56.1%147-115-1107.33
3Doc's Sports$1,369+7.3%56.1%92-72-1104.56
4Steve Janus$943+3.4%54.0%135-115-1091.71
5Jesse Schule$781+4.6%56.3%80-62-1161.99
6Jimmy Boyd$747+2.9%53.7%122-105-1091.15
7Rob Vinciletti$332+1.3%53.3%120-105-1110.24
8Ray Monohan$146+1.6%53.2%42-37-1110.05
9Stephen Nover$62+0.3%52.7%108-97-1110.00

NCAAB Hot Streaks

Even the best college basketball handicapper in the world is going to experience hot and cold streaks. Not everybody is looking for the most consistent handicapper, sometimes it's the hottest experts that catch people's attention. Have a look at the hottest handicappers in the world over the last seven, 30 and 60 days:

Ray Monohan$300+74.1%100.0%3-0
Big Al McMordie$200+91.7%100.0%2-0
Sean Murphy$190+42.7%75.0%3-1
John Ryan$100+87.0%100.0%1-0
Chip Chirimbes$85+15.4%60.0%3-2
Sean Higgs$70+9.0%57.1%4-3
Kyle Hunter$1,168+16.9%61.3%38-24
Jesse Schule$881+14.6%62.0%31-19
Big Al McMordie$528+4.3%54.5%60-50
Doc's Sports$331+7.3%56.4%22-17
Ray Monohan$250+7.2%56.7%17-13
Tim Michael$232+3.4%54.0%34-29
AAA Sports$172+3.0%53.9%28-24
Ricky Tran$140+2.3%56.2%27-21
Matt Fargo$96+2.0%53.5%23-20
John Ryan$32+1.9%53.3%8-7

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