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The Best NBA Handicappers in the World

The NBA is second to the NFL in television ratings inside the US, but internationally the NBA is far more popular. Sports bettors wagered 1.48 Billion on NBA games in 2017, almost double the number from six years earlier. Some projections have the NBA surpassing the NFL in 2020 in total wagering revenue. While betting on the NBA is extremely popular, it might be the toughest sport to handicap.

Amateur bettors often find that beating the point spread is far more difficult than they expected. For this reason, many of those amateur bettors will seek the help of a professional handicapper. Here at Capper Reviews, we have an award-winning roster that features the Best NBA Handicappers in the World. We have some of the biggest names in the business, and all their predictions are documented, with full transparency showing both wins and losses. You can follow their daily free sports picks at absolutely no cost or invest in the top handicappers picks on nba today.

Whether you’re looking for the best NBA handicapper for the short term or the top-ranked NBA expert over the last decade, we’ve got you covered. We can show you the numbers, but if you want to find America’s best NBA handicappers, you should also read the reviews and see what our users have to say.

Our All Time Top 5 Money Earners with NBA

Top NBA Handicappers 2021

There are those who say: "what have you done for me lately?". If that's your philosophy then you are likely looking for the best and most profitable experts for the current season. Keep in mind that the best NBA handicapper this season, might not have consistent numbers going back several seasons. If you really want to hit pay dirt, look for an expert who ranks near the top both for in 2021 as well as previous years.

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Jack Jones$2,289+5.7%54.9%203-167-1086.43
2Zack Cimini$1,837+11.6%57.8%85-62-10711.16
3Jim Feist$1,782+8.3%56.5%109-84-1097.27
4Rocky Atkinson$1,540+15.8%60.2%53-35-10812.32
5Big Al McMordie$1,528+5.9%55.1%130-106-1094.08
6Dave Price$1,084+3.5%53.7%154-133-1081.73
7Marc David$953+2.6%53.4%175-153-1081.35
8Chip Chirimbes$653+1.6%52.7%196-176-1080.44
9Mike Lundin$555+1.5%52.9%172-153-1090.39
11Kyle Hunter$395+6.3%55.2%32-26-1071.41
12Art Aronson$322+1.3%53.0%115-102-1090.31
13Ray Monohan$187+1.0%52.7%88-79-1090.10
14Jesse Schule$29+0.2%54.2%64-54-1190.00

NBA Hot Streaks

Betting on the NBA certainly isn't easy, and even the best handicappers experience good runs and cold streaks throughout the season. When we talk about the best NBA experts in the world, we are more focused on long term records. That being said, it can be profitable to ride the hot hand. Here are our hottest handicappers with the NBA over the last seven, 30 and 60 days:

Ben Burns$481+44.9%77.8%7-2
Jimmy Boyd$300+91.7%100.0%3-0
Zack Cimini$296+56.4%80.0%4-1
Mike Lundin$291+37.8%71.4%5-2
Stephen Nover$279+28.1%66.7%6-3
Kyle Hunter$200+91.7%100.0%2-0
Chip Chirimbes$193+30.4%66.7%4-2
Dave Price$182+21.2%62.5%5-3
Rob Vinciletti$178+18.8%62.5%5-3
Ben Burns$1,183+23.4%64.4%29-16
Dave Price$1,028+24.7%64.1%25-14
Art Aronson$991+22.4%63.4%26-15
Marc David$875+11.7%58.0%40-29
Zack Cimini$855+34.8%69.6%16-7
Stephen Nover$562+13.9%59.5%22-15
Jeff Alexander$542+6.2%54.9%45-37
John Martin$480+8.0%55.4%31-25
Jack Jones$414+9.7%56.4%22-17
Will Rogers$234+7.9%55.6%15-12

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