Top NFLX Handicappers in the World By Profit Won

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Our All Time Top 5 Money Earners with NFLX

The profit numbers are determined using flat $100 bets for each pick.

The Best NFLX Handicappers 2022

Things can change from year to year, and sometimes new faces rise to the top. More often than not though, we see familiar faces emerge as the season progresses. Have a look at our top money earners with the NFL in 2022:

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Jesse Schule$620+45.4%80.0%8-2-13212.36
2Joseph D'Amico$510+51.3%77.8%7-2-10713.41
3Ross Benjamin$260+21.5%63.6%7-4-1102.86
4Stephen Nover$260+24.4%66.7%6-3-1182.96
5Sean Higgs$255+11.0%57.9%11-8-1071.48
6Ricky Tran$240+20.2%66.7%6-3-1321.82
7Ray Monohan$190+43.4%75.0%3-1-1104.42
8Marc Lawrence$160+14.6%60.0%6-4-1101.18
9Jack Jones$110+6.9%57.1%8-6-1140.42
10Doc's Sports$90+27.3%66.7%2-1-1101.27
11AAA Sports$80+14.6%60.0%3-2-1100.59

NFL Handicapper Hot Streaks

Betting on sports can be a tricky business, and handicappers often experience hot and cold streaks throughout the season. Sometimes it can pay to ride the hot hand, following an expert who is on a good run. Here are our hottest handicappers with the NFLX over the last seven, 30 and 60 days:

Jesse Schule$620+45.4%80.0%8-2
Joseph D'Amico$510+51.3%77.8%7-2
Ross Benjamin$260+21.5%63.6%7-4
Stephen Nover$260+24.4%66.7%6-3
Sean Higgs$255+11.0%57.9%11-8
Ricky Tran$240+20.2%66.7%6-3
Ray Monohan$190+43.4%75.0%3-1
Marc Lawrence$160+14.6%60.0%6-4
Jack Jones$110+6.9%57.1%8-6
Doc's Sports$90+27.3%66.7%2-1

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