The Best Sports Handicappers on Instagram in 2023

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The Best Sports Handicappers on Instagram in 2023

Things have changed since Jim Feist was running sales rooms in the 1980s. Back in the day, gamblers would find ads in newspapers and magazines, providing a 1-800 number to call for free picks. Smooth-talking salesmen posing as knowledgeable sports handicappers would boast about incredible winning streaks, without offering any proof of past success. These days the business is far more transparent, as evidenced by the documented handicappers on our leaderboards.

Stu Feiner was maybe the most famous scammer in the pre-Internet era. He was featured in a Sports Illustrated article in 1991 titled: “1-900 Ripoffs“. He agreed to have the magazine track his NFL picks for a few weeks. While it was a relatively small sample size, he was exposed for winning just 37 percent of his bets according to Sports Illustrated.

The times have changed, and nowadays the Internet makes it so much easier to hold handicappers accountable. Here at Capper Reviews, we have consistent winners like Kyle Hunter who has a decade of winning behind him. That being said, Instagram is still full of hustlers, scammers and frauds all trying to be the next Vegas Dave.

Top 5 Pro Cappers to Follow on Instagram

Joe D’Amico – Last year we wrote an article about Joe, who we called “The Most Authentic Handicapper on the Planet“. Joe is a Las Vegas local who is also known as Sin City’s biggest daily sports bettor. He goes by thehostoflasvegasand his Instagram feed is full of pictures of him placing bets and cashing tickets at casinos, attending live shows and sporting events, and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. The most accurate description of Joe D’Amico comes right from the horse’s mouth: “This isn’t what I do, this is who I am.”

Jesse SchuleAKA The Iceman. While he isn’t as active on Instagram as some of the other big-name handicappers, he lives overseas and travels the world. His page is full of interesting pictures of exotic locations all over Southeast Asia.  Jesse is one of the most successful handicappers in the world, and he is usually ranked near the top spot in our handicapper rankings. Perhaps best known for his NBA records, especially correctly predicting the NBA Finals winner and Finals MVP in four of the last six seasons. Follow JesseSchule on Instagram.

Sean Higgs – While he may not be the most famous personality in the professional handicapping business, he’s been around the block and he’s paid his dues. He was without a doubt the biggest money earner in the NFL in 2022. He’s a high-volume player, but his Instagram feed is actually pretty quiet.

Doc’s Sports – Doc’s is one of the oldest sports consulting services in America, and they employ a roster full of accomplished handicappers. If you check their Instagram page you will see free picks from the Likes of Doug Upstone, Indian Cowboy, Tony George and Vernon Croy.

Dionne D’AmicoThe First Lady of Las Vegas appears on the First Family show on YouTube along with her husband Joe D’Amico. You won’t find Dionne on Capper Reviews, but her picks are available at Sportsmemo and VegasTopDogs. Follow Dionne on Instagram for all her latest free pick videos, and the latest photos of The First Family in Las Vegas.

Top 5 Scammers, Hustlers and Frauds Not to Follow on Instagram

Vegas Dave – You have to give Vegas Dave a bit of credit. He put together an impressive story, carefully documenting his futures bets on social media. His high profile wins on the Kansas City Royals and the Denver Broncos gave him plenty of credibility. It’s even possible that in the beginning, he might have had more legitimate intentions. Over the last few years, he’s been exposed as a fraud, lying about his records, and cheating clients out of thousands of dollars. We once called him The Dan Bilzerian of sports betting, and at the time nobody could have guessed how prophetic that would become.

Browningbets – With over 34,000 followers on Instagram, it seems that there are plenty of people who believe in Browningbets. Apparently they win every day, which is proven by pictures of cash and winning tickets posted well after the games have been played. If you go to their website, there is very little information offered. Certainly nothing that even comes close to a documented history of winning bets, but rather a story about how playing NCAA Basketball provides “experience that enables me to breakdown each game and look at it from a much closer and familiar vantage point with player’s and teams point of view. I’ve been in those shoes and played in that game. Believe me, this is a major factor that sets Browning Bets ahead of the rest!” If you believe any of that, then we’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that we’d like to sell you.

Bigbetmike – This guy has over 60,000 followers, and our best guess is that means a lot of people are losing money with his picks. He’s a funny guy, talking about how all the other handicappers are fake (another red flag). Yet the proof he offers that he is legit, is that he posts about his winners on Instagram every day. He says “there are over 50,000 posts, it might take you a while to go through them all”. Posting winners on your page might prove that you bet, but it certainly doesn’t prove that you win. All these guys could choose to be independently documented by a third party, and the fact that they choose not to tells you everything you need to know.

VipSportsLV – Do you believe in unicorns? Do you believe that Bill Clinton didn’t inhale, or that he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman (Monica Lewinsky)? If you answered yes to any of those three things, then by all means you should give Steve Stevens a call, and don’t hesitate to hand over your credit card number. Steve Stevens’ real name and shady past was uncovered by Wagermind. It turns out that his real name is Darin Notaro, a convicted fraudster who spent time in jail for a telemarketing scam that targeted senior citizens. Bob Voulgaris, the legendary sharp NBA bettor, was critical of Steve Stevens on Twitter, referring to him as  “a complete scam artist” for making unreal claims.

Whalespicks – only around 7,000 followers on Instagram, so these guys aren’t fooling too many people. The telltale signs of a scammer in sports betting include: calling your picks Whales or Locks, showing pictures of stacks of money, and claiming to win almost every bet you make. These guys tick all those boxes.

If you read our article on how to identify a scamdicapper, you’ll never send money to an undeserving tout again.

Instead of navigating through the jungle of undocumented sports handicappers on Instagram, why not make the smart move and follow third-party documented cappers from our leaderboards.

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3 comments on The Best Sports Handicappers on Instagram in 2023


Vegas Dave is a god damned drug dealer. He claims to be banned from casinos for winning, he’s actually banned for selling coke. Why doesn’t anybody write a story telling the truth about this clown. He’s a complete fraud…

Canada Steve

That story about Stu Feiner is freaking incredible! I can’t believe this guy is still on TV. What is Barstool even thinking giving this guy a platform. Dave Portnoy has no shame!

Big Mike

Vegas Dave is about done. Nobody is falling for that shit anymore! He’s broke and desperate, will soon be in jail is my best guess.

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