The World’s Best CFL Handicappers Over The Last Three Seasons

The World’s Best CFL Handicappers Over The Last Three Seasons

The boys of summer dominate the sports betting world from June until September, and for some of us the daily grind of handicapping baseball can take it’s toll. If you’re counting the days before the start of football season, you might want us to let you in on one of the best kept secrets in professional sports handicapping.

The Canadian Football League is often overlooked by the majority of sports bettors, but our star studded roster of experts have consistently exposed soft lines with their CFL selections. Casual sports fans in many cases aren’t familiar enough with the CFL to feel comfortable betting on games.

If you want to get in on the action, you might want to check out the world’s top experts over the last three seasons.

Bryan Power (Power Sports)

#1 with CFL in 2016
Record: 12-3 (80%) +$8,640

It’s been a massive year for Power Sports, they’ve brought clients +$44,000 profits with all sports since Thanksgiving. They currently rank #1 overall with Major League Baseball, and #3 overall with all sports in 2017. Last year’s success with CFL was no fluke, as Power also finished in the top 10 the previous season. Power Sports was also the #1 service with NFL for the 2015 season.

Jesse Schule (The Iceman)

#1 with CFL in 2015
Record: 10-3 (77%)  +$6,850

You will be hard pressed to find a professional handicapper that has delivered winners more consistently than The Iceman over the last few years. He’s world renowned for finding value with exotic bets, and fringe sports. He’s made a name for himself on the gridiron, with college, professional and CFL football. Check out The Iceman’s profile page, he’s consistently one of our top ranked handicappers according to customer reviews.

Matt Fargo

#1 with CFL in 2014
Record: 20-9 (69%) +$10,050

Fargo is one of the hardest working pros in the business. He specializes in golf, dabbles in WNBA and dominates the gridiron. He has first place finishes with NFL in 2008 and 2010, and he finished in the top five with NBA five times since 2008. Not only has Matt played more games in the CFL than any other handicapper on our site over the last three seasons, he’s also given his clients the most total profits during that span.

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