Who’s Making Money With Colin Cowherd’s “Blazin’ 5” NFL Picks? (Week 12, 2020)

Colin Cowherd’s “Blazin’ 5” Picks

This weekly segment on Fox Sports features one of the most recognizable personalities in sports media (Colin Cowherd), providing his Top 5 NFL gambling picks each week.

Fox describes the show as “one of the best segments on all of Fox Sports, and arguably the most highly anticipated weekly installment in sports television.” They also describe Colin as being touted as “one of the winningest commentators in all of media”

Here at Capper Reviews, we have nothing but the utmost respect for Colin Cowherd, and we would tend to agree with Fox that he is one of the sharpest media personalities when it comes to gambling picks.

That being said, his area of expertise is not handicapping, and television personalities have been notoriously bad at picking winners for as long as we can remember. This also applies to ex-players, with perhaps the exception of Tony Romo who seems to see things before they happen.

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Colin’s Blazin’ 5 Record in 2018

Colin built a huge following after an impressive 2018 season when he went 45-33-2 with all his Blazin’ 5 picks for the NFL regular season. The result is a winning percentage of 58%, and a profit to $100 bettors of $870 over 17 weeks. Believe it or not, that’s actually right on par with some of the world’s top football handicappers.

Just over halfway through the 2020 NFL season, and our top NFL handicapper Scott Rickenbach owns a 64 percent win percentage. Scott is also our Top All-Time NFL handicapper winning 56% of his plays dating all the way back to the 2012 season. Clients that have followed Rickenbach during that period would have earned over 70 x their average stake. Despite winning consistently year after year, Scott Rickenbach can’t compete with Colin’s Blazin’ 5 that is free of charge to a national audience.

Colin’s Blazin’ 5 Record in 2019

Colin picked up right where he left off in the first two weeks of the 2019 season, winning seven of 10 games. He followed that up with a huge Week 3, going 4-0-1 and moving to 11-3-1 for the season.

Despite a strong start to 2019, things took a turn for the worse in the second half of the season. By Week 13 he had given away all the profits he had made earlier in the year, and he was never able to get back on track. He closed out the 2019 season by going 0-5 with his Week 17 picks.

While he actually finished one game above .500, the vigorish would have cost him $310 (at $100 per game). After earning $870 in 2018, Cowherd still came into 2020 sitting with $560 in profit over two seasons.

Colin’s Blazin’ 5 Record in 2020

It’s been a rough year for a lot of people, and Colin’s 2020 Blazin’ 5 picks got off to a rough start. He lost in Week 1 and Week 2, but turned things around by going 4-1 in the third week of the 2020 season. He only won two of his next 10 picks over the two next weeks, falling well below .500 on the year.

After a 1-4 showing in Week 11, Colin will head into Week 12 with a record of 25-29-1. That turns his overall record into a net loss of -$30 (at $100 per game) since 2018.

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Joshua Diaz
Joshua Diaz

Colin Cowherd is a freaking weirdo who is wildly obsessed with Baker Mayfield. Just listen to him talk about Baker, he makes it sound like he’s the next Ryan Leaf.

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