Steve Stevens Bets Big “Every Single Time” When The Cubs Are -$140 Or Less.

On April 25th, 2017, Steve Stevens proudly proclaimed that everybody should bet the Cubs every single time they are -$140 or less. At the time, it seemed like an awful strange thing for a professional handicapper to say. After all, Stevens is in the business of selling his picks, and yet he makes it sound so easy. The idea that such a simple plan could possibly be profitable, might just discourage people from paying big money for his “expert” analysis.

Steve Stevens = Darin Notaro

The thing is, Steve Stevens isn’t really a professional handicapper. In fact, his real name is Darin Notaro, a convicted felon with a rap sheet that includes conning old people out of their life savings. He has been arrested multiple times for telemarketing fraud. The word “professional” is in no way suitable to describe the front man for VIP Sports Las Vegas. His daily Youtube videos are loaded with profanity, and when he’s not swearing, he’s smoking enormous joints and throwing around hundred dollar bills.

No Tracked Records

You won’t find his picks for sale here, or at any other reputable handicapping website. You also won’t be able to track his picks to see how he is doing. If you visit his website you will hear a lot about how much money he makes, and plenty of talk about “Absolute Blowout Winners”.

In the days since April 25th, Steve Stevens hasn’t had much to say about the Cubs. If you took his advice, and bet them every time they were priced at -$140 or less, your bankroll would have taken a big hit. Chicago has lost six of 10 overall, and five of six when priced less than -$140.

Real Winning Baseball Handicappers

If you want to get serious about betting baseball, you will have to dig a lot deeper than just riding one team. Every game needs to be analyzed from top to bottom, starting with the starting pitching. You need to check the weather, injury reports, batter versus pitcher matchups, and then factor in situational handicapping. The idea that you can make money betting on the World Series champs as a favorite “every single time”, is insulting to anyone who knows anything about real baseball handicapping.

We have a roster full of respected professional handicappers with documented winning records with MLB. Check out our MLB leaderboards page if you’re looking for a real handicapper this baseball season.

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Darin Notaro is a total scammer, just take a look at this