Steve Fezzik “The Greatest NFL Handicapper of All Time”

“The Greatest NFL Handicapper of All Time”?

Fezzik is perhaps the most famous professional handicapper in the industry. He became a household name after consecutive 1st place finishes in the legendary Hilton Super Contest in 2008 and 2009. He’s not just the only one in history to win the famed competition in consecutive years, he remains the only two time winner.

It’s unlikely that anyone will ever repeat again, as the contest has grown significantly over the past decade. There were just a few hundred entries in 2009, and the grand prize was just $196,800. These days there are thousands of entries, and the prize money exceeds $1 Million.

You can find Fezzik’s football picks for sale at his own website (, and he’s also the darling of, the site that claims to be “the largest sports betting media company compliant with US Law.” Legendary Las Vegas sports betting personality RJ Bell is the owner of Pregame, and he promotes Fezzik as “The best NFL sports betting tournament player in the world.”

The language used is actually quite telling, as you rarely see Bell or Fezzik use the words “professional handicapper”. After doing a bit of research, one might conclude that the reason for not labeling Fezzik as a handicapper, would be to avoid acknowledging his long term record as such.

Another telling bit of language came in an interview with the  Las Vegas Sun just shortly after he accepted his prize money from his last Super Contest win: “If you ask me what sport is my specialty, I’d say football, but it’s really football contests,” said Fezzik. “To make a comparison, I would say straight bets in football are like cash games in poker. A player like Phil Hellmuth is a much better tournament player than cash games. I would say I’m a lot like Phil Hellmuth in football.”

Prior to joining forces with RJ Bell and Pregame, Fezzik was a host at His picks were available to subscribers for a nominal fee between 2009-2012, and according to ComptrBob, he posted losing records in three of those four seasons.

To his credit, when Deadspin ran a controversial hit piece criticizing Bell and Pregame, Fezzik was one of just seven handicappers that had a positive record (according to Deadspin). The bad news is, the other six guys all had a significantly better record.

His numbers since the start of the 2016 NFL season would be good enough to rank among the world’s best NFL handicappers, but it’s our conclusion that Fezzik lacks the consistency to be considered as “The Greatest NFL Handicapper of All Time”.

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Chester Sharp

Fezzik is a dinosaur, people in the know would say Scott Rickenbach is the best NFL capper.

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