Right Angle Sports Release Show Review

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If you are reading this review, odds are you are already familiar with either Right Angle Sports (RAS) release show and/or other release shows, but we’ll break it down just in case.

A release show is a scheduled live stream, typically on Youtube, where handicappers and/or content creators give out free picks live on air to the listening audience.

The idea is that everyone watching the stream submits the bet at the same time, at the same price and line, before bookmakers have a chance to adjust the line due to all the bets coming in.

Right Angle Sports’ release show is one of the most popular in the sports betting space, with Adam Chernoff going through a couple of games per show. The way RAS does it, they “set up” for a potential play so viewers have a chance to add it to their bet slip. The selection is then either a “go” or “cancel”, which is announced a couple of minutes after the set up.

What is Right Angle Sports

Right Angle Sports, RAS for short, is a professional betting group founded in the late 1990s. Now, more than 20 years later, they are built up of 15 extremely talented sports bettors and sports betting, and they are quite possibly the most respected handicapping group in the world when it comes to college basketball and college football.

RAS claims to have a public win rate of 56% over the last 4,000 releases, but note that the win rate is based on the number they are releasing to their clients.

How many of their clients actually able to bet that number is a different topic, which we will address later in this article.

They further claim to have a positive closing line value on 92% of their plays, which is a fantastic number for a sports bettor.

Closing line value, “CLV” for short, is a comparison of what number you bet a game at compared to what the line was when the game started. If you beat the closing number by a decent margin consistently, you can expect to make money in the long run.

We do not doubt that RAS is a sharp betting group that influences the market and moves lines, and we do not doubt that they make money betting their own picks, but the question is whether they offer value for their clients.

Why You Should Follow Release Shows

Betting on sports can be a lonely hobby/job, and if you do not have friends that share the same passion it’s easy to feel isolated.

If you are looking for that community feeling, tuning in to a show and talking to the host and fellow sports bettors through the chat feature can no doubt be a nice change of pace.

Furthermore, the release shows are free, you are only giving up your time.

If you are looking for free winners, we here at Capper Reviews also offer Free Handicapper Picks from the experts on our roster, and you do can access the picks anytime you want.

Issues with Release Shows

Especially when it comes to RAS live show, lines move fast. They have more than 4,000 subscribers to their Youtube channel, and the release shows get thousands of views.

If you miss a live stream, do not even consider watching a release show on delay. By that time, the recommended number is almost certainly gone, and if not, it’s not a number you’re gonna want to bet (think CLV).

Instead, there could be an opportunity to fade the line move, which in a way is artificially moved and often inflated. Imagine RAS has team X as a -16.5 against team Y. On the release show, they recommend betting Team X at -15.5. The viewers of the release show then hammer the line all the way down to -19.5, which moves the value to the underdog.

If you are watching the show live and manage to get the originally recommended number, you might also be able to bet a profitable “middle”.

Issues with Right Angle Sports

As we touched upon earlier in this article, RAS is much more than just a pick-selling service. They are a major betting syndicate that self-admittedly front-runs their clients, as in, they place bets before sending the picks to their clients.

If you plan to give RAS premium pick service a go, prepare to spend a lot of time looking at your phone and/or computer as you need to be quick once a pick is released. It is fairly expensive and time-consuming to follow RAS, but we can not say anything bad about their free pick show.

Have you ever used RAS service? Please let us know in the comments below.


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