Professional Handicapper Wins Big With NBA Finals 2020

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  • 2 months ago

Professional Handicapper wins big in the NBA Finals for the 3rd time in four years

You might not be all that impressed to hear that a professional handicapper won with the LA Lakers in the NBA Finals, after all they were heavy favorites even before the season started. There will be a long list of guys cashing winning Lakers tickets this year, but how many of those guys also had the Raptors last year? Or the MVP winner in both the last two years? Or a perfect NBA Finals card in three of the last four years?

By our count there’s only one man on the planet that can claim such a feat. That man is the legendary Jesse Schule. We wrote a piece on Jesse just following the 2017 & 2019 NBA Finals. He’s somewhat of a legend in the professional betting world, with a reputation for punishing bookmakers for offering soft lines in the futures and prop markets.

Jesse uncovered a major blunder by the bookmakers back in the 2017 NBA Finals. Despite the fact that the Golden State Warriors won 16 more games than Cleveland during the regular season, and were heavily favored to win the series, player performance totals for the series were based on a model that roughly equaled season averages x 6. This didn’t really jive with the fact that the most probable outcome (according to the odds at those same sportsbooks), was for the Warriors to win in five games.

Jesse told his clients before the series started, that he thought there was a good chance the series would be over in 4-5 games, and that presented excellent value in shorting the player performance totals for key players, especially on the losing team. He ended up giving out six futures bets on the series, winning all six of those bets.

Just two years later, he had an even bigger win with Toronto. Jesse made three prop bets prior to Game 1 of the 2019 Finals. He bet Toronto +$450 to win without trailing, +$260 on Kawhi Leonard to win MVP, and Toronto +$200 to win two of the first three games. All of these bets were documented at

He gave out another perfect card prior to this year’s Finals, with LA to win Game 1 and the series, LeBron James to win the MVP, and the Lakers on a series handicap -1.5 games.  If you are looking for help with your NBA betting, you might want to give Jesse Schule a call.

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