Bad News Bears – Cubs Costing Bettors Big Bucks in 2017

Cubs Costing Bettors Big Bucks in 2017

It was just over a month ago now since we published an article on television personality Steve Stevens, and his crazy plan to bet on the Cubs in every game this season (when the line is -$140 or less).

Now Stevens, who’s real name is Darin Notaro, isn’t a professional handicapper. He’s a convicted felon with a rap sheet that includes conning old people out of their life savings. Stevens isn’t the only one who has taken big losses betting the Cubs this season, the public has been getting hammered backing the Bad News Bears, and even some pros have taken a hit.

As of June 15th, the Cubs are one game below .500 (32-33). They’ve lost six of their last eight, and they were a favorite in all but one of those games. As defending World Series champions, they come into almost every game as a favorite, with the line often as high as -$200. It doesn’t take long to go broke backing a prohibitive favorite that loses more often than it wins.

Even Some Of The Pros …

Jack Jones is known to be one of the sharpest minds in the business when it comes to handicapping football, but he hasn’t had as much success in the summer months. He’s backed he Cubs as a favorite five times this season, losing all five of those bets.

Razor Ray Monohan made his clients a fortune in the first three months of 2017, but he’s fallen on tough times since the start of MLB season. Betting the Cubs hasn’t helped, he’s backed the Cubbies seven times, losing six of those bets. Chicago was a favorite in all seven of those games.

Except …

Joseph D’Amico hasn’t been fooled by the Bad News Bears, in fact he’s won every single bet his placed involving the Cubs this season. He won betting against them twice versus the Rockies, once versus Philly and once against the Dodgers. He took plus money on three of those four bets, and he cashed in a winner with Chicago as a small favorite in the first week of the season.

Will the Bookmakers Adjust?

So far in 2017 it’s clearly been more profitable to bet against the Cubs than it has been to back them as a favorite. These trends never last forever though, and it’s highly possible that Chicago could turn hings around over the next few months. The question is, will the bookmakers adjust the lines to reflect Chicago’s poor record? If the Cubs continue to command such a high price, there may still be plenty of money to be made betting against them.

One thing is almost for certain, and that is that our handicappers will figure out how to bet the Cubs. Make sure you’re taking advantage of their MLB Premium Picks so you’re on the right side in each game.

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