Clay Travis Crowns Himself “King” of College Football Handicapping

Clay Travis – King of College Football Handicapping?

Clay Travis is one of sports media’s most controversial personalities. Whether you love him or you hate him, you have to give him credit for his honesty.

Here at Capperreviews we don’t necessarily agree with all of his opinions, but we certainly respect the fact that he calls things as he sees them. Clay isn’t a professional handicapper, but he does talk a lot about sports betting on his show.

He has a business relationship with Oddsshark, and he appears to be setting himself up to be a player in the handicapping industry.

Travis announced in his live show this morning that he would be offering picks for the upcoming college football season. Since he’s new to the business, he probably didn’t realize that when he claimed to have won 60 percent of his bets over the last three seasons, he was effectively saying he’s the world’s best college football handicapper.

To those who don’t know the industry well, 60 percent might not sound like a big deal. The reality is that we can’t find a single professional handicapper that can show a documented record as high as 60 percent over the last three seasons, or any other three year period for that matter.

Our Research

Our research shows that the best handicapper with college football for the 2016-2017 season at was Jesse Schule, with a winning percentage of 61.33 percent. As impressive as that may be, Jesse’s record over the last three seasons sits at a very respectable 57 percent. Covers might be the biggest player in the handicapping industry, but their roster is much smaller than some of their top competitors. has the biggest roster in the business with as many as 200 active handicappers. Al McMordie finished last season as the top college football handicapper at Sportscapping, winning 61.6 percent of his plays. Big AL doesn’t even show up on the leaderboards over the last three seasons though, and it appears that Jesse Schule’s 57 percent is the best record at Sportscapping during that span. has become a major player in the industry over the last two years, and they have an impressive roster with just a few more handicappers than Covers. Jesse Schule had the highest winning percentage at PicksandParlays last season, and he and Tony Karpinski have each hit 57 percent over the last three seasons.

So that means that if Clay Travis can provide any kind of proof that he hit anywhere near 60 percent over the last three seasons, he could have a legitimate case to call himself the undisputed “World Champion of College Football Handicapping“.

Until then, we have to assume that Clay doesn’t know a damn thing about sports betting.

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