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How To Rate Handicappers & Leave Reviews

Unlike other handicapper review sites, at Capper Review you, the actual users, are rating and reviewing the handicappers for maximum transparency.

There are two different ways you can review and rate our handicappers.

Frontpage Ratings

Leave a 1-5 star rating on the home page or on the individual handicapper profile pages.

Frontpage Review Process


Leave A Detailed Review On Individual Capper Pages

To leave a more detailed review of what you liked/disliked about a certain handicapper, go to their profile page and hit the green “Leave a Comment” button. You can log in with one of your social media accounts or use a name and email address. Your email address will not be visible on the review but we ask for it to avoid spam.  You can also leave 1-5 star ratings on the handicapper profile pages.

Handicapper Profile Pages Review Process

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