Capper Reviews Report January 19, 2016

With the NFL playoffs in full swing and the NBA and College Basketball grind underway there have been plenty of good opportunities to make bank if you’ve followed our experts advice. Let’s take a look at how our visitors have reviewed some of our handicappers performances over the most recent weeks.

Trev Rogers has earned $1,000 clients $13,370 since the turn of the new year earning him his first two positive reviews since launch. Tim Thompson says “Thanks bro! Just a fantastic week with Rogers. You got a fan and a loyal client here bro. At least as long as you stay hot lmao!”

Tom Forte caught a lucky break: “Wrong Rogers turned out good. I mean to buy a package from Will Rogers but missclicked and got one from Trev Rogers instead. Well that turned out great, winning basically every day!”

Everyone is not happy though as Jeff Paulsen demands not only winnings, but also analyses: “Give me analyses! I really really dislike when cappers don’t provide analyses with their plays. What’s stopping them from just flipping a coin and hoping to go on a good run? Give me some reasoning at least, it’s not like I’m not paying you big money for it!”

Tough business when you can make clients just shy of $15,000 over a seven days span and still get complaints.

SAVE A TON of money with Trev’s 30 days All Sports subscription goes for $339.95. You’ll literally pay a fraction of the cost by signing up for a full month instead of making a single purchase each day!

Jesse Schule has earned himself more positive reviews than anyone else on the site, but a recent cold streak has Richard Scarberry frustrated. “the iceman is ice cold! how is it even possible to go like 1-10 in two days? I think I will fade his plays for the duration of my subscription, I mean seriously???”.

This just four days after Brad Carson left a positive review praising the Iceman’s College Basketball picks. “Dominating College Hoops! I won huge with Schule during last year’s March Madness and I’m ready to sign up for a season sub right now if you would just give me some free winners first. Come on Iceman, do me a solid here and post more free picks!”

Considering Schule has owned March Madness 3 years in a row:
ALL NCAAB MARCH (2013) 21-10 +$7,050
ALL NCAAB MARCH (2014) 35-17 +$11,220
ALL NCAAB MARCH (2015) 38-16 +$11,922

We have no doubt Schule will be back to his winnings ways any day now, so now is a perfect time to jump on his College Basketball Season Subscription for $499.95.

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